Graphic Design Survey

Filling out the following form helps us to better meet your needs and gives us unique insight into your business and how we can create a distinctive brand design for your company.  

Name *
This is the full written name needed for the logo/website
This is a refined and optimised version of above. Think along the lines of descriptive tag lines. 6-10 words is the ideal number words. Imagine you have just a few minutes to enthusiastically but realistically describe what it is you do.
Appropriate keywords and descriptive words or phrases Similar to above, but listing keywords that best sum up an overall impression that the logo needs to convey. This is all about creating the appropriate perception in your target market
When consumers/clients/customers view a logo or brand identity; what should be the ideal feeling or emotion you would like them to feel?
Where the previous question is more about emotion and feelings this question is a more general description about what the logo/identity needs to say or portray.
 A list of people that need to be influenced by the logo/website when they see it. For example, who is the decision maker of the company that may be using your business.
Does this logo need to compete with existing and similar businesses or is it in a relatively uncrowded market place?
This includes: local, regional and/or worldwide. We absolutely need to know how a client's competitors brand and position themselves before we can work on building a visual identity. This is VERY important; you must familiarize yourself with the competition before starting.
Colors, styles, etc
Your business or product may follow a certain visual style or you may just have some specific visual needs that need to be considered or even avoided if existing logo and identities fall into the cliché trap.